In fact, we're so dedicated to your health and the planet that we go beyond just using 100% biodegradable products in your home...

We're also emissions-free.

Our high-end technology, eco-friendly products and meticulous detail combine to make us the best choice in the Sea to Sky Corridor for your carpets, upholstery and tiles.

We use our high-powered portable machines, equipped with heaters to produce the highest possible temperature of water, sourced from your home. Our machines also use your electricity, because the last thing you need when you're trying to be health conscientious is a big diesel engine idling in your driveway for up to two hours.

Plus, our portable machines helps us access those tricky to reach spaces like your third floor apartment or master suite.

At Black Bear Carpet Cleaning we believe first impressions matter the most. That's why we put such a heavy emphasis on customer service.

Our European influence insists on it!

Black Bear’s owner, Tomas, originally from the Czech Republic relies on his upbringing to offer you a work ethic and level of perfectionism that rarely exists these days.

Our services

Carpet Cleaning Whistler

You’re in direct contact with your carpet every day. Our non-toxic cleaning method will improve the air quality in your home and increase the lifespan of your carpets.

Duct Dryer Cleaning Whistler

The air quality inside our homes is approximately 3 times worse than the air outdoors. Having your ducts cleaned will ensure your family is living in a healthier home.

Upholstery Cleaning Whistler

Furniture is like a catch-all for dropped food, bacteria and grime.

You and your family deserve to relax on germ-free furniture.

Tile cleaning

Our superior cleaning methods are no match for the dirtiest tiles and grout. We win, every time.

A pleasant owner who cares

who’s happy to take your call or email, walk you through our process and book your cleaning service in a timely manner. Not like those other companies that take forever to respond.

A thorough estimate

over the phone BEFORE we perform the work so you know what to expect. Surprises do happen, but you deserve to know what you’re committing to.

We'll show up

when we say we will. No more getting ghosted by over-worked, over-booked and underpaid service providers.

100% biodegradable pet

kid and earth-friendly cleaning solutions that remove all the gross bacteria, dirt, pet dander and grime living in your carpets.

Products that

leave your carpets soft and fluffy, not hard and crusty like chemicals do and smells delicious, too!

Certified and trained technicians

who use a high-powered machine that super cleans, doesn’t leave excess water behind and uses the latest technology for quick drying.

There's no cutting corners with us. No rushed jobs. We're meticulous, and spend the time we need to do the job you hired us to do and do it well. More than well. Perfect!

And if we can’t help you, rest assured we’ll always recommend someone we trust who can.

We guarantee you’ll receive a warm reception from us when you call our office and a quick reply when you email.

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Clear communication

Clear communication is important to us and we’ll take the time to make sure you understand the entire process of working with us before we show up to your home or office.

  • From the first call to booking your appointment.
  • What we need to access your home
  • How you can prepare before we clean
  • And what you can do post-clean as easy maintenance…

… and all the details in between.

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